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Stranger Danger is REAL! The False Sense of Security That Comes From Dating Online.

I can’t stress that enough! There is this false sense of security that comes from dating online.  You get to know someone before you really get to know them.  You meet them online and chat for extended periods of time, getting to know each other, discussing life, experiences and sharing who you are.  This makes a person feel more secure.  But, what they fail to realize time and again is that the person they are speaking with on the other end of the connection may be completely and utterly LYING... (Read More)

15 Infallible Commandments For Your Unfulfilling, Awkward Dating Life

When it comes to love and romance, twenty- and thirty-somethings have pretty much thrown out the old rule book. We're hooking up more, marrying less and cycling through lovers on a digital merry-go-round of online dating sites. But while our more-monogamous elders may mourn the death of traditional courtship, they can rest assured that it's not romantic anarchy out there. Indeed, the higher powers of modern dating have wrought a new set of hard fast rules that we shall faithfully follow until the day we die alone.

We hereby bring you the cliff notes of today's Dating Bible: The New Commandments of Modern Dating. You can thank us later, Romeos.

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