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" I have been online with a few different on line dating sites and to be quite honest it is very time consuming and unfortunately not everyone is honest on line . I also joined two different dating agencies one based in Toronto and the other in the US , unfortunately with not very good matches Then I joined Personal Touch in Calgary and what a difference .

I find that Pat  and her team from Personal Touch knocks down all the barriers and a lot of the prescreening and questions  is done for you it's great having someone who takes the time to actually interview the person one on one gets to know them makes lots of notes asks lots of questions and actually gets to know you  and your potential match . This makes such a huge advantage where the right match is attained  for you . Pat and her team ensure there's compatibility , interests and an ideal match is found let's face it we are all busy and Personal Touch saves you so much time and grief . I have meet some wonderful great compatible people through Pat . I have recommended  Personal Touch to a few of my single friends  that are also very busy and looking for the right person in their lives .

I really enjoy meeting the matches that Personal Touch has to offer . What A great way to meet that special someone wether it's just to date or a life long partner Pat and her team really makes dating a new person exciting and the quality and compatibility and similar interests of people personal touch comes up with are excellent 👍 . I recommend Personal Touch wholeheartedly."


I found the love of my life thanks to Personal Touch! The experience was easy, comfortable and personal!


I can’t say a big enough “Thank You” to Personal Touch for connecting me with the most amazing gentleman I could have ever hoped to have met.  It took a few different dates but they really listened to what I was looking for,…it wasn’t just another date.  I know I’m selective and for all the right reasons.   I am searching for “the one”,….somebody with similar values, interests and goals that is mutually looking forward to building a life and future.  Pat, sincere thanks for introducing me to hopefully my last first date, I couldn’t be happier!  I would highly recommend you to anybody who’s serious about finding a life/love partner.


I met my partner through Personal Touch 4 years ago, and now, we are living together and enjoying a wonderful life journey.  The match was not a first for either of 4th and his 8th, a testimony that one may not meet her/his ultimate partner immediately, so one should not get discouraged if the first few dates do not lead to that perfect mate, but  rather, enjoy the journey of meeting new people, and know that the "partnership fit" takes a little it should!  We dated for a couple of years before taking that big step of moving in together, but now, thanks to PT.....we are extremely happy.


I was separated and looking for a serious relationship. It was many years since I had been in the dating world and I needed a little help. I wasn’t interested in doing the online approach at all due to some of the horror stories I had heard. I signed up with Personal Touch and had three introductions. All the women that Pat and Marion introduced me to were great. My current girlfriend of over two years was the last, we are a great match and looking forward to the future. I would strongly recommend this service to anyone. Thanks Pat and Marion!


From Dennis:

The difference between Personal Touch and other similar services is that there really aren’t any similarities.  This firm takes each case personally and looks beyond the obvious to ensure compatibility.  The person interviewing you also interviews potential matches and looks beyond a “fact sheet”.

Marilynn and I met through Personal Touch and our personalities could not be more compatible.  We both truly believe that only this caring and empathetic group could have matched us.

We highly recommend Personal Touch for anyone seeking true happiness.

From Marilynn:

Our paths would likely never have crossed had it not been for the very professional, insightful and experienced people at Personal Touch. They take the time to interview you to get a good understanding of who you really are and what will make you truly happy in a relationship.  When Dennis and I first met we both knew in a very few hours that it was meant to be.  We are so compatible and so in love and it never would have happened without Personal Touch. 

Dennis & Marilynn

I signed up for this in 2015, and took my time with meeting matches. I was a bit skeptic after a few matches that didn’t suit me, but in April 2016 - I met my match. I am so grateful that we both took a chance on this company because I could not imagine my life without him, and how else would we have met?

Try this company as a chance to meet people, face to face and without the fake online dating profile. I found that it makes a huge difference meeting in person right away rather than trying to make text conversation through a website. Trying this company to find someone is a fantastic idea, and if you are wondering if it is worth it - it totally is. Make sure you take their advice about first date tips, give each person you meet a chance, and give it an honest chance and you might just find someone to spend your life with.


I was tired of using various websites to try and meet compatible woman for myself so I decided to join Personal Touch in August 2016.
The first meeting with Pat was great. She asked pertinent questions to find out exactly what I was looking for in a match.
The first couple of matches weren't quite right but I gave her some feedback and after that my next couple of matches were much better.
I still haven't met the right woman yet but I have a lot more trust in Pat and Marion then in some massive impersonal dating website.
I would recommend this to anyone who is trying to find the right match.


I joined Personal Touch in April of 2013 and boy was I surprised.  Having belonged to a very expensive service with less than satisfactory results, I wasn’t really expecting much.  I have been seeing my 3rd match since May and it is going well.  I am an established professional and would not hesitate to recommend Personal Touch,  who maintain their promise to provide a personalized service tailored to individuals.


I joined Personal Touch in July of 2013 after trying other services with mixed results. What a difference right from the start, Personal Touch works with you one on one through out the process, not just the interview process. I have been so pleased with my matches resulting from our conversations. I would recommend Personal Touch to anyone and commend them on their actual personal service.  Thank you Pat and Marion.


I recommend this service to anyone who is serious about finding someone who is a good fit.

I recommend this service to anyone who is serious about finding someone who is a good fit.

I was introduced to Pat 4 years ago through a friend who thought maybe I could use her introduction service. I was single and looking for a serious relationship. A year later in Aug.2010 I signed up for her service. Four months later and after three introductions I met my current girlfriend. It's been three years and things are going very well and we're happy. We're the right fit. I was hesitant and doubtful of doing this sort of thing but it worked out well for me. I recommend this service to anyone who is serious about finding someone who is a good fit. Here is a photo of our recent Mexican vacation.


I can honestly tell those who visit your website/service that it has been a valuable experience being in TOUCH with personal touch. I didn't really expect to find such a wonderful match right off the bat! My match and I have been seeing each other since the end of August and it has been nothing but wonderful new experiences since....and we think that there are many more ahead of us!


I would just like to say that Personal Touch Matchmaking Service really takes the time to get to know the individual with a thorough yet comfortable interview , then they truly to try to get to know the person and really ensure that there is a proper match for them . Their professionalism and attention to details is great . I myself have met some very fun , compatible women with the same interests and values as mine. I would recommend Pat and her team to anyone who wants to meet that special person in their lives . It certainly beats the bar and the internet scene.


The Newsletter is completely FREE with no obligation to ever become a member. *Conditions apply to FREE matches

The Newsletter is completely FREE with no obligation to ever become a member. *Conditions apply to FREE matches

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